Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 3 and 4

Well one post a blog does not make but we've been away for thew eekend catching some sun, playing with some monkeys and watching the tigers at Longleat Safari Park.  We have a caravan so we towed that baby to the Caravan Club site almost on the park and spent 3 nights caravanning to our little hearts content.

Anyway enough of all this chitter chatter, what have I been wearing?

So here (above) we have Thursday's outfit.  This is my current favourite dress and the photograph is also enhanced by Teddy our Toy Poodle.  The dress was made recently for a '70's/'80's fundraiser for the local allotment society.  I cut it out on the Friday night and sewed it up in an hour and a half before wearing it out on the Saturday night.  Its McCalls 6552 and the fabulous fabric is a Pucci inspired cotton print from Stone Fabrics.  Stone Fabrics is one of my favourite places to shop.  They have a great selection of all sorts of different dressmaking fabrics.  I make my family holiday in the area once a year so that I can visit the shop in person.  The rest of the time I have to console myself with their fabric club and quarterly samples.

Oh dear, oh dear.  I can only apologise for Saturday's ensemble.  Saturday's Me Made item is a skirt made from my own skirt block.  We all know that a personal block is made to measure to our own true measurements.  Here is a short picture essay on why not to eat ice cream, cake or biscuits after making your own skirt block ... oops!  Until this picture was taken I laboured under the misconception that despite putting on a whole stone since I made it, it actually hid my enlarging tummy.  In fact so convince was I that I paired it with a very form fitting vest from the White Company ....  Still, where's the fun if you don't keep it real hey?  Talking of keeping it real, the building in the background?  Yep, its the toilet block - I gotta give you the good scenery ain't I ;)

And lookey, lookey here!  A gratuitious shot of me holding a tarantula!  This really was a life long ambition and I thought that holding a tarantula would cure me of my phobia of spiders.  The tarantula was absolutely beautiful but I'm fairly sure that next time there's a humungous house spider in the bathroom I'll seal the door and leave the house until the menfolk return.  You'll find me hiding in Costa Coffee eating cake - oh talking of cake, no, I'm not pregnant, that fat tumtum is cake, chocolate, wine and icecream, probably in that order.  I loved eating it all but, man, I gotta lose it now!

But, hey, I held a tarantula!!!

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